Sunday, September 22, 2013


So.... Shippers.... Walk with me.... It's safe to say, I am now addicted to Logan Lerman, don't believe me?
Look at this......... IM CRAZY... FANFIC TIME

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Well then...

Well.... Jes bery licky i gave his sorry ass a chance... IM TALKING TO U AJ..... not like hes gonna see this... AGAIN!!!
Dis the sun set on mah PE Minecraft <3


Hai Shippers :) it's me Mya, your FRIEND from wattpad! If you don't know me, ima tell u bout MAHSELF. I'm from Utica New York. And I now live in a small town in NY.. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs and a little sister.. And I am in my schools choir. I'm also an actress in our school drama club..... AND I WRITE BOOKS!!!!! IMA KEEPER!!!! Nah, I'm also dating someone.... His name is Steven. And I love him a lot.....  KAYLA I UR READING RHIS U OWE ME 10 BUCKS!!!!!
Well... Um... My username for wattpad is MyMysShippers and My TWITTAH IS @myaslawiak_m (mah personal tweeter) or @MyMysShippers (MAH BIYDNUS TWITTAH) so umm.... BIYEEEE